Cimpina is working with Thales, Belfast providing coded aluminium welding support services in relation to their rocket launcher products.

Natural hairline fractures in the canister castings are made good by Cimpina’s coded welders in preparation for final machining. All work is fully traceable and subject to external third party NDT inspection. The project has started in May and will continue for approx 3 months.

Cimpina’s own welding procedures for Aluminium are Lloyds Register approved and are used primarily in the construction/repair of Aluminium Vessels, Gangways, Access Structures, and Helipads. It took over 2 years to master the correct procedure and parameters in order to produce weld fusion and composition that passed X-ray interrogation.

Welding technology has advanced significantly and helps the welder to achieve the quality of weld required however the art of welding still remains and we are privileged to have some of the best welders in the country.

Cimpina is the only company in Northern Ireland with their own procedures and certified to BS EN 15614/9606 (EN288/287) and approved to weld Aluminium products and structures in both 6082 and 5083 grades.