“…Autism isolates not only the individual,
but the entire family.”

Austism NI

Cimpina actively engages with the local and wider communities. We encourage our employees on a individual basis to contribute back to their local community and undertake charitable works either privately or with registered charities. Many within Cimpina are actively involved in organisations such as parent & teachers associations, sports clubs, church groups, youth action groups and cancer charities.

For a number of years Cimpina has provided financial support to the Northern Ireland Autism Society. As members of Autism NI we seek to improve the awareness of Autism within government and the wider community via focus groups, fundraising and providing information on the support services in place for parents/carers with newly diagnosed children/cases.


What is Autism?

Autism is a lifelong disability which affects the social and communication centre of the brain. Autism affects the way an individual relates to people, situations and the immediate environment. Many individuals with Autism have difficulty processing everyday sensory information. They can experience hyper(over) and hypo(under) sensitivity to sight, smells, touch, tastes ad sounds. There is no known cure, but there are many ways to help!

The term Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is used because Autism varies from person to person. Around 25% of people with ASD will have an accompanying learning disability. Many individuals with ASD will have average or above average intelligence, they are likely to be diagnosed with ASD, high functioning Autism or Aspergers Syndrome. Regardless of an individual’s level of functioning, all individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder will have problems in the areas of Social Communication, Social Skills and Social Imagination.

For more information on Autism and how you can be involved please visit www.autismni.org