“…People don’t care how much you know
until they know how much you care”

Theodore Roosevelt

How many times do we hear friends or colleagues speak about the poor service that they’ve received recently at place X or from company Y?

We need each other and our outlook is that not only are we exchanging a product or service for a financial reward, we are also interacting and helping each other – you the customer become our partner, our suppliers are our partners too.

Cimpina has to give the best service to each customer, every day. We ascertain customer needs and then provide an experience they will appreciate. Our service is professional, appropriate, and timely.

We want to keep business simple, attractive and honest – agree everything upfront including commercial terms, agree a plan and timescale for the job, do the job, check the job and sign off.


We also aim to be fair with our employees – whilst ensuring that the customer is kept informed/satisfied this must not be at the expense of a family life. We can all can agree there needs to be a healthy balance with customers and suppliers working together in an adequately resourced manner. Emergencies will occur but at such times we will have the strength and capacity to perform.