Bombardier Inspection

Bombardier Inspection


During the July Shutdown period Cimpina’s maintenance crew were deployed to isolate, prepare, inspect and test the Bombardier C Series Autoclave, Belfast.

Numerous other maintenance works were carried out over the range of Bombardier sites at Hawlmark, Newtownabbey and Airport Road. The works covered a range of metal and plastic equipment and included:

• pipework replacement
• valve replacement
• insulation works
• tank repair
• air agitation lines
• scrubber pump replacement
• heat exchanger coil replacement
• boiler inspection

All works were completed in time for the resumption of normal post holiday operations. Additional coded welding to the Nr 2 boiler work is ongoing with Cimpina provided full coded welding services.

Cimpina provides a 24hr 365 maintenance service to Bombardier and have developed a strong partnership over the past 15 years.