Specialist Repair

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Keeping plant and equipment operational and safe is vital to all companies. Based on Cimpina’s expertise in coded welding, pipework and mechanical maintenance – we are Northern Ireland’s No. 1 specialist welding repair company to undertake certified repairs on the following: –

  • Aluminium and Stainless Steel Tanker Repair
  • Autoclave Repair
  • Boiler Repair
  • Crane/Lifting Equipment Repair
  • Flammable Fuel Road Tanker Repair
  • Heat Exchanger Repair
  • Machinery/Plant Repair
  • Pressure Vessel Repair

We are certified to ASME IX and EN9606 in TIG, MIG/MAG, Flux Cored, and MMA processes.

Most of the repairs are conducted at the clients site and require repair methodologies to be approved and certified by third party insurers /inspectors. As required, preheat and post heat treatment, hardness testing and other non-destructive tests can be organised.

With all projects a full traceability and quality assurance pack is issued to client, which includes quality plan; work instructions, pipeline weld maps, welding procedure specifications, welders qualifications, material inspection certificates, performance and test certificates/reports.

Repair rates are either based on term contracts, unit schedules or complete project cost.

To find out more about our capabilities please call the office or email sales@cimpina.com.