Industrial Stairs, Ladders & Platforms (Metal & GRP)

Industrial Stairs, Ladders & Platforms (Metal & GRP)2019-01-22T16:01:40+00:00

User safety is paramount when designing access systems – we listen to your needs, assess the environment you work in and consult the legislation you need to comply with.

From a maintenance ladder & platform to carrying out routine inspections on a tank; to a fire escape in a hospital; to a chemical plant requiring a mixture of stainless steel and GRP guarding, walkways and mezzanine floors – we can design, fabricate, and install.

We are UKAS approved to fabricate and install access structures in compliance with EN1090 – all such fabrications come complete with a CE mark. In line with Cimpina’s FPC and WQMS, full traceability is provided and a dossier pack is issued to the client on completion.

We are not limited by just working with metals. We understand that the Young’s modulus for steels and aluminium are a lot greater than GRP, however we also appreciate the chemical resistance and weight saving that GRP can provide especially in corrosive environments e.g. Combining GRP gratings with an aluminium core structure provide a staircase that has greater slip resistance than conventional aluminium treadplate and nosings. In addition, the contrasting colour scheme and aperture control can provide increased Health & Safety characteristics, show corrosion to sub-structures more clearly and be aesthetically more pleasing – not to forget the increased design life and reduced maintenance costs.

Structural Calculations can be performed to ensure deflection tolerance and load resistance capability, thus if you are looking for 0.36kN, 0.74kN, 1.5kN, 3.0kN or greater – we will engineer a sensible and affordable solution.

For further information on the range of industrial floorings, balustrade and staircase options, or to be guided on the multitude of standards please speak to either Chris or Paul.

Standards that we regularly work to include:

  • BS 6180:2011 – Barriers in and about buildings.
  • BS 4211:2005 – Specification for permanently fixed ladders
  • BS EN1990:2002 – Eurocode. Basis of structural design
  • BS EN1991 – Eurocode 1. Actions on structures
  • BS EN1993 – Eurocode 3. Design of steel structures
  • BS 4592:2006 – Industrial type flooring and stair treads.
  • BS EN ISO 14122:2001 – Safety of machinery.
  • PG 03/10 – Provides guidance for the selection and design of fixed access systems, as typically found on domestic and industrial buildings, machinery and plant, masts, towers and other tall structures on the Ministry of Defence (MOD) estate.

Further Information

  • Design, Calculations and FEA
  • Fabricate
  • Full Install including Craneage
  • Pre-erect in workshop
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Site Survey
  • Access Platforms
  • Accommodation Ladders
  • Balustrades
  • Companion Step Ladders
  • Guardrails
  • Platform Ladder & Safety Hoop System
  • Step Overs
  • Walkways
  • Wind Turbine Platforms
  • Aluminium Tread Plate
  • Durbar Flooring
  • FLP Solid Type Flooring
  • GRP Flooring
  • Open Type Flooring – Various Patterns
  • 0.36kN
  • 0.74kN
  • 1.5kN
  • 3.0kN
  • 3.2kN
  • 4.8kN
  • 7.2kN
  • 10kN
  • >10kN