The Irreplaceable Gift

The Irreplaceable Gift

Christian Christmas Nativity Scene

Customer, Suppliers, Colleagues – it’s the 15th Dec and over a week and half to go until Christmas. What’s it all about? What are we celebrating? When will we stop celebrating Christmas?

The whole issue of gifting is not an entitlement but of thought, care and love. I know we all have time constraints at this time of year – houses to clean, food to be prepared, people to visit, some decorating to finish – can I encourage us all to remember and enjoy God’s gift to us, Jesus Christ.

We thank you for your co-operation during 2014 and wish you God’s blessings in 2015 and that everything goes well over the Christmas break.

To our guys coming in during the Christmas vacation for shut down, emergency and ship repair works – thanks for your dedication, commitment and hard work.

Happy Christmas

Paul Hamilton (BDM)