Aluminium Tankers

Aluminium Tankers


Audited by BP Asset Mgt, Cimpina are the only company that maintains the structural integrity of its Aluminium Petrol tankers in Northern Ireland.

All hairline cracks must be repaired with full traceability requiring certified welding and NDT. Heavy tankers if not properly maintained can cause accidents, sometimes fatal. The coupling system between the tanker and the cab are also inspected and repaired .

In other countries, past catastrophic incidents have occurred when the tanker uncouples from the primary vehicle and collides with other vehicles/road users. All precautions must be taken to minimise such an event or spillages.

If you have a fleet of your own that needs maintained have a chat with our Responsible Welding Co-ordinator(RWC) on weld defects and how we can economically repair. Remember, if repair work is undertaken by non certified companies/welders – you are negligent and hence become liable if accidents occur.