Orkney Tidal

Orkney Tidal


For over 4 months Cimpina has been fabricating various items relating to the anchorage system for the world’s largest tidal turbine (Scotrenewables’ SR2000 project) to be located at the European Marine Energy Centre(EMEC) Orkney. (The turbine itself is nearing completion at Harland & Wolff, Belfast.) EMEC is the world’s only accredited testing facility for wave and tidal energy prototypes.

The project commenced with 2nr large steel formwork structures being fabricated in over the Easter period. With nearly 40 concrete blocks being poured, each weighing approx 60 ton, it was critical to get the formwork onto site in order to commence the works. These concrete blocks provide the necessary weight to hold the turbine in place as it floats on the sea surface.

We’ve also fabricated and delivered 10nr anchor chain stoppers, each weighing approx 3 ton. The anchor chain stoppers are connected to the concrete blocks and in turn connected to the securing chains from the turbine.


Alongside this method of securing the turbine, we are fabricating a 30 Ton drill rig and rock bolt anchors – an alternative securing technology developed by McLaughlin & Harvey and SeaRoc. Adam Holland, Marine Renewable’s Manager at MCLH notes:

“We are very excited about this project, which has been part of our ongoing in-house R&D programme for a number of years. Our goal here is to demonstrate a step change reduction in the cost of marine renewable energy installations using conventional, civil engineering techniques to deliver foundations in a novel application.”

Andrew Lever, Carbon Trust’s Director of Innovation Scotland also comments:

“The drilled rock anchor project aims to significantly reduce the foundation and installation costs for marine renewable devices, which collectively account for over 40% of CAPEX”.

Problem solving, 3D models, speed of fabrication, coded welding, S355K2 Steel, profile cutting, quality plans, full traceability and NDT have all been employed in the manufacturing processes.

The fabrication pressures had to tie in with the site requirements pushed further by the various sailing issues from Belfast to Cairnryan & Aberdeen to Orkney.

We wish all parties involved in the project every success with the forth coming sea trials.