Nottingham Hydro

Nottingham Hydro


Bespoke fabrication is one of Cimpina’s key strengths and over the past year we’ve been supporting Newmills Hydro(now Your Hydro Ltd) on their various projects.

Their latest and largest hydro scheme to date is at Holme Pierrepoint on the River Trent, Nottingham. We’ve been making various items the largest of which is a 17m long intake cleaning system.

Hydro energy is optimised when the intake structure is kept clear of debris (branches/leaves etc). If the intake is blocked, water flow is reduced and there is less energy produced. Electrically and pneumatically controlled, the cleaning arm is able to move along the full intake structure removing foreign objects as it goes. Weighing in at over 10 ton, the mild steel structure is being painted ready for transportation across to Nottingham.

We wish Your Hydro Ltd every success as they commission the hydro equipment ready for hand over to the client.