In June Cimpina has invested almost £10K in the latest design and fabrication software – Solidworks Premium 2015.

The ability to dry fabricate everything from process pipework to structural steel is crucial to the manufacturing side of Cimpina.

If we can speed up the design and manufacturing process this will help to drive down final product cost to our clients. In addition, our clients can benefit from:

  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) on structures
  • Business Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Fully Rendered 3D Models in interactive PDF format
  • Simulation Motion
  • Reverse Engineering capabilities
  • Advanced wire and pipe routing functionality

Training is crucial and the CAD department is investing in almost 2 weeks of one to one essential and advanced skills training.

Already the 30Ton Drill Rig Structure (ref McLaughlin & Harvey) and the Green Port Hull Quay Formwork (ref Ideal Form) have both benefitted from being drawn in Solidworks.

Apart from the in-house manufacturing support to Cimpina’s fabricators, the greatest benefit to our clients is the 3D model in pdf format. This allows the client to perform a whole range of model manipulations including print, zoom, swivel, lighting and rendering interactions.